Monday, May 7, 2012

Bidirectional PT, Part 3

Today I finally got the uniform bidirectional traced images to match my reference renders exactly. It took quite a bit of time, as I spent a lot of effort verifying that everything matched the reference renders. Also, a bug in the 'create light path' code took a lot of time to debug. In the end, I just rewrote it and voila!, the images match.

In retrospect, spending that much time debugging the light path code was probably beneficial. I read and reread Veach's thesis, making sure that I understood everything (if it worked perfectly the first time I would've probably just skimmed it).


For testing purposes, I chose an indirectly lit scene with a lot of occlusion.
BDPT - 6 bounces


To do

I'm going to start working on the multiple importance sampling aspect and add specular support.

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